Organization & Product field

Metal & Industry supply division:
  1. Zn, Pb, Al, Ni & Cu¡Ketc non-ferrous metal, semi-finished and alloy
  2. EDM Brass wire for wire cutting use
  3. Total solution for hot-dip galvanizing industry:
    Furnace, Crane , Winch , Kettle, Tanks, Control system, Flux cleaning system, Acid recovery system, Zinc recovery system & Turn-Key offer
  4. Copper & copper alloy casting systems : for rod, wire, strip, tube, billet, cake & bloom.
  5. Wire plating system
  6. Industrial Furnaces
Magnesium Alloy industry division:
  1. Ingot , Billet
  2. Hot chamber & Cold chamber die casting machine
  3. Spare parts supply for die casting machine
  4. Anodizing technology
  5. Flux for magnesium melting
  6. Scrap recovery system
  7. After treatment system
Environmental equipment & Chemical division:
  1. Waste acid recovery system
  2. Chemical additive for Steel industry
  3. Environmental chemical for stainless industry
  4. Environmental chemical for galvanizing industry
  5. Technical resins for remove heavy metal from waste stream
  6. System for clean chrome solution
Transportation belting system division:
  1. Auto transportation system
  2. Special belt for steel melting plant & mining industry
  3. Spare parts for transportation system
Advanced material division:
  1. Metal powder for MLCC electrode paste
  2. Target for CD-R industry
  3. Engineering Plastic components for semiconductor and electronic industries